Meet Our Team

Dallas Owens



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    Dallas was born and raised in Miami, Florida where the fusion of South Florida cultures began to cultivate his culinary appetite. He attended Miami Country Day School, and North Miami Senior High School as a member of their prestigious International Bachelorette Program (IB Program). Dallas’ family move to Tampa, Florida, for his senior year of high school where he graduated with honors from C. Leon King High School.

    After graduating high school, Dallas attended both Florida State University and the University of South Florida. In 1998 Dallas started a successful manufacturing company in central Florida that he would sell in 2004 to pursue his childhood dream of owning a restaurant.

    Since 2004, Dallas has owned several successful restaurant concepts in Tampa Bay: La Cubanita Café, Mojitos Grill, Gogo’s Greek Grill, and Grille 54. His passion for excellent food and unparalleled customer service drives him each and every day; he famously tells everyone “he has never “worked” a day in his restaurant career” because of his love for the industry.

    Dallas currently lives in the Westshore area of Tampa, Florida. In his spare time he likes to travel to various bar and restaurant concepts to find out what the next big thing will be! He is actively involved in the day to day operations of Grille 54.

    He encourages guests to contact him directly about their experience at his restaurants. You can reach him at:


Robert Scaffedi

Executive Chef


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    Cooking for 11 years and learning most of his techniques from his grandmothers, as well as school, Chef Robert Scaffedi truly puts his heart and soul into the food he makes whether it is for his family or his guests. Chef Robert loves everything about being in the kitchen, from the creating, to the cooking, even the heat and pressure. If there is one person who can take the heat it is him. Starting at a young age, Chef Robert was always in the kitchen. Watching, helping, and cooking with his grandmothers as they prepared family meals. “When I was little my grandmothers would sit me on their counters and I’d watch them cook. I used to remember how the onions would sting my eyes but I didn’t care because I was so interested in what they were doing” he remembers. It is then where his love of cooking food started.

    Born and raised in Dover, Delaware he lived with his mother, father and two brothers. “Living with all boys you had no choice but to cook huge meals, they would eat like crazy, sometimes I don’t know how I kept feeding them all” says his mother Viviann. Growing up in an all Italian family you ate until you couldn’t possibly eat anymore and the food was always delicious. One thing Chef Robert’s grandmothers taught him was about the love you put into the food. “You can taste the love” they told him. Every meal that he cooks, he puts love into it. “When you love what you do everything else is easy” he says “I pride myself in creating something that someone loves and I take it to heart if they aren’t happy. I want to please people and make them happy and the best way I know how to do that is through my food.”

    Over the last 4 years that Chef Robert has been part of Grille 54, he has had over five successful Thursday Italian night menus, cooked an Italian classic meal “Saltimbocca di Pollo” for fox news, and participated in numerous events such as Wazoo, Zoofari and Ybor’s Italian Festival. “I love the pressure, it keeps me going and no matter what it takes to prepare for the events I do, seeing people so satisfied  is what makes me happy. Cooking is my passion, it is what I feel I am meant to do and one thing I teach my kids is that you can do anything you want, but you pick one thing and you do the best you can at it and the success follows.” “I created this menu to feed and satisfy people. I want people to come in and enjoy themselves in every aspect that Grille 54 offers.” If you haven’t been into Grille 54 yet now is the time. Come in let Chef Robert treat you as family and feed you. He’s got an amazing signature dish, the VitelloScaffedi, as well as other classic Italian dishes. Taste the love and as his Grandmother Maria would say “mange, mange!”

    Chef Robert currently lives in Tampa, Fl. He has three children, Niya, Dominick and Lucca. On his days off he enjoys spending time with his children, and of course cooking!



Jackson Joy




Mark Varty

Executive Sushi Chef


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    Mark got his start in the restaurant industry 15 years ago.  His father is the one who influenced him and gave him the push he needed to become a chef. Mark has been with Grille 54 since the day we opened. He started on the line in the kitchen, was promoted to assistant Sushi Chef and in the Fall of 2011 he was promoted to Executive Sushi Chef at our Citrus Park location.Mark has a passion for Asian fusion cuisines and hopes to pass his knowledge on to the next generation of chefs. Mark’s signature sushi roll is his Fish Outta Water, come in and ask him to prepare one for you!

    Mark and his wife Angel have two boys, Joshua and Seth. They currently live in Tampa, FL. In his off time Mark enjoys spending time with his two boys fishing and cooking