Next we invite you to experience our exquisite sushi from our Executive Sushi Chef Mark Varty, who has been with our company since its inception. His passion and dedication is shown nightly with his creativity and unique style he brings to the table. Tantalize your taste buds with some of our specialty rolls such as the Sunburn, Fish Outta Water, or the Screaming Delight. As you ponder your entree selections, allow our chefs to prepare you some fresh sashimi, or maybe our signature appetizer, the Sushi Ceviche.

Grille 54 Signature Dish

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DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishRolls That DO NOT Contain Raw Fish

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  • NIGIRI & SASHIMIOpen or Close


    • DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishShrimp
    • DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishEel
    • Salmon
    • DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishSmoked Salmon
    • Whitefish
    • Tuna
    • Spicy Tuna
    • Yellow tail
  • SUSHI ROLLS Open or Close
    • These options can be done for any roll on the menu (Additional Fee)
      • Brown Rice
      • Soy Paper
      • Rice Paper
      • Baked Dynamite

    Spicy Tuna
    Spicy tuna • cucumber.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishRoyal Cali
    Crab meat • avocado • cucumber.

    Krabstick • avocado • cucumber.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishEat At The Grille
    Eel • krabstick • cream cheese • cucumber • eel sauce.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishVeggie Delight
    Avocado • cucumber • carrot • asparagus • red pepper.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishHawaii 5-0
    Tempura shrimp • avocado • pineapple • cucumber • toasted coconut flakes.

    Tempura shrimp • avocado • cucumber • spicy mayo • smelt roe.

    Spicy Salmon
    Smelt roe • scallion • cucumber.

    Spicy Tuna Deluxe
    Cream cheese • krabstick • asparagus.

    Tempura grouper • scallions • cucumber • spicy mayo

    Smoked salmon• cucumber • cream cheese.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishScreaming Delight
    Tempura shrimp • cream cheese • asparagus. Topped with oven baked salmon • spicy mayo • eel sauce • smelt roe • scallions • jalapeños.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishTempura Nirvana
    Spicy tuna • salmon • cream cheese • cucumber. Topped with eel sauce • spicy mayo.

    Fish Outta Water
    Lobster meat • snow crab • asparagus avocado • scallion • jalapeño. Topped with seared tenderloin • tuna • jalapeño smelt roe • wasabi aioli • eel sauce.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishIncredible Hulk
    Lobster meat • tempura shrimp • cream cheese • asparagus. Topped with avocado • jalapeño smelt roe • wasabi aioli • eel sauce.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishHurricane (5pc)
    Krabstick • cream cheese • smelt roe • cucumber. Topped with chopped shrimp • krabstick
    • spicy mayo • sriracha.

    DO-NOT-contain-raw-fishTempura Lobster
    Lobster meat, cucumber, and spicy mayo roll served tempura fried topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

    The Bomb
    Snow crab • avocado • asparagus. Topped with salmon • tuna • tempura chips • eel sauce.

    Krabstick, cream cheese, spicy mayo and cucumber roll topped with avocado. Served with baked dynamite and eel sauce.

    Lobster meat • asparagus • seared tenderloin • wasabi vinaigrette.

    Chopped shrimp • krabstick • spicy mayo • asparagus • cream cheese. Topped with tiger shrimp • spicy mayo.

    Crunchy Crab and Tuna
    Spicy tuna • cucumber • avocado • tempura chips. Topped with snow crab meat • spicy mayo.

    Salmon Lover
    Spicy salmon • cucumber • avocado. Topped with salmon • lemon zest • smelt roe.

  • COMBOSOpen or Close

    8 pc The Bomb • 4 pc Spicy Tuna & 4 pc Spicy Salmon.

    12 pc Tempura Lobster • 4 pc Mexican roll & 4 pc Tampa roll.


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